How to Refresh USB Device's ID

When a USB Device's name was changed (or flashed to a new one) but the USB devices' PID / VID are the same. There will exist "USB ID Confusing" or new USB device can not be used. This happens on most of the USB Audio or Video device, such HD Video Capture, Analog USB Video Capture, USB Camera etc.

Solution 1

1. Right click Win icon on the desk and find "Device Manager".

2. Find - Audio inputs and outputs & -Sound, video and game controllers
    (i.e. - UMF-03, or UM10 etc.)

3. Uninstall the selected USB Device.
3.1 - Unstall the selected USB Device from the Device Manager
3.2 - Restart PC
3.3 - Re-plug new USB device to PC and check. If the ID is not updated, then have to go 3.1 - 3.3.
(Note: The samplest solution is plug the new USB ID device to a PC.)


Solution 2

Use additional USB Audio Registry Remove software.
Note - This tool only helps you remove Registered USB's driver. (Please make sure the USB Device is not plugged on your PC.)