Warranty Policy

Stipulations for Overseas RMA
 1. Customer should confirm with Fly Kan and get a RMA No before send it back.
 2. Customer should fill in Fly Kan RMA form and return with the RMA together to service department
 3. Warranty period of main unit: 15 month from delivery time of the order to receiving time of the RMA,
this can be   distinguished from the encrypted date mark.
 4. Warranty range of main unit: it should be from Fly Kan  with the all components, no human factor destroy,
encrypted  date mark is indispensable.

The following Conditions are not in FlyKan's RMA Scope
 1. The products are not Fly Kan ’s.
 2. The spare units have been supplied
 3. The defects are beyond the Warranty Period.
 4. The products have been changed by the third party, which is not authorized by Fly Kan .
 5. The defects are caused by the improper operation.
 6. The defects are caused by the accident such as lightning strike and so on.
 7. The defects are caused by reparation

The condition mentioned herein before, if customer wants to repair, Fly Kan ’ll charge the maintenance costs
 if there is need to be maintained. Please get reference to the standard herein.

Please kindly sent RMA back to Fly Kan  with bulk packing, if customer wants to return with all packing
materials, customer need to bear double trip cost. Fly Kan  doesn’t bear defective packing and doesn’t
replace the packing materials and the housing. If customer wants to replace,  
 1. It should be Fly Kan ’s neutral packing
 2. Customer needs to bear packing cost
 3. Customer needs to bear double trip cost,
 4. If customer placed order, and Fly Kan  will make the packing with customer’s logo.

The cost of packing material please gets reference to the standard hereunder.

The freight of returned goods: in principle the cost should be paid half half; the retuned freight should be paid by customer, the return destination should be Shenzhen, China; while after repair, the goods will be shipped by sea from Shenzhen to customer’s appointed warehouse, the cost are on Fly Kan’s account; (when the customer has repeat order, the repaired goods should be shipped along with new orders)

Regarding the goods which have been offered spare parts, Fly Kan  will not supply repair and offer accessory or electronic components replacement; if customer needs extra components or extra repair service, which should be paid. The standard charge list should refer to the content hereunder mentioned; meanwhile the freight cost of return and forward are all on customer’s account.

The time limit for returning of the RMA goods:
1. Products under manufacturing: From the date of receiving, within 3-4 weeks, return the goods. If there is mass goods for delivery, check with customer to see if combining shipment is possible ,otherwise will send by normal way.If there is technical problem causing longer time of repairing, customers will be pre-informed.
2. Ceased-production goods: From the date of receiving, within 30 working days, goods should be returned.  If the main material for repair is in need, while the RMA goods are under warranty, Fly Kan  can offer free replacement. For goods beyond warranty, Fly Kan can offer new model at customer’s cost thru negotiation, otherwise repair could only be started after the material is ready, but the period could be longer.