Reusable Cable Strap

Reusable Cable Strap

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STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE - Quality and Eco-friend nylon material brings strong self-sticking action, makes more easy to keep the grip and not easy to be deformed by the movement.

CABLE ORGANIZER - Paining to see all the mess cable around your desk/workshop/studio? Now with the cable strap, easily wrap the cable and reorganizing it, idea & budget way to solve the mess.

ADJUSTABLE & REUSABLE - With Self Gripping Hook design, not easy to fall, and it can be reused if you need it for another place, still got the self-adhesive.

EXTENDABLE - If one strap is not enough for your situation, simply take two and stick them together, you'll get an extended cable strap for your usage.


■ Made from fabric material with hook & loop attachments
■ EASE OF USING – Clean up the wire mess with ease
■ HOLDING FAST – It creates a firm grip on the cable
■ REUSABLE – They act as a zip tie or an electrical tape
■ OTHER USES – There are multiple uses of these hook and loop straps
■ Material - 100% nylon
■ Color - Black | Blue | Yellow | Green | Red |

Documents Download

Cable Tie - Specification | PDF | 
Cable Roll - Specification | PDF |