RS232-DB9-M1 | Serial Link DB9 Extension Cable

Item No.: RS232-DB9-M1
The DB9 connector adapter cable you described is designed to extend the reach of a D-SUB 9-pin RS232 serial port.
Description Features
The DB9 connector adapter cable you described is designed to extend the reach of a D-SUB 9-pin RS232 serial port. It can be used to connect various devices that utilize a serial port, such as automatic control equipment, PLC controllers, touch screens, programmers, data converters, servo motors, industrial control equipment, cash registers, tax control machines, and computers.

This replacement cable comes with bare wires, allowing you to easily connect it to your specific application. The DB9 connector is equipped with screws on the end, ensuring a secure and stable connection for reliable data communication. The pins on the 9-pin cord follow the standard wire color code, making it easy to solder and connect.

The DB9 connectors on the cable have copper-cored gold-plated joints, which enhance the plugging resistance and ensure good contact. The strain relief molding on the connectors helps reduce signal attenuation, resulting in more efficient and stable signal transmission. The cable has a length of 1 meter, and its compact and simple design makes it easy to carry and position as needed. The PVC housing of the cable has undergone rigorous bend tests, surpassing 15,000 bends, ensuring durability and resistance to bending and stretching.

■ Wide Compatibility: Connects various devices like control equipment, PLC controllers, touch screens, programmers, and more.
■ Secure Connection: Equipped with screws for a solid and stable connection, ensuring reliable data communication.
■ Enhanced Signal Transmission: Copper-cored, gold-plated joints and strain relief molding minimize signal attenuation, improving efficiency and stability.
■ Durable Construction: 1m cable length, compact design, and PVC housing passing rigorous bend tests for durability.
■ User-Friendly: Easy to use and resistant to bending and stretching, providing convenience and reliability.
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