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HDKVM-43P1 | 2-Port HDMI/USB KVM Switch Kit - FAQ

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Update time : 2024-05-02 00:36:40

If the KVM Switch is on but There's no Display or it Shows "no signal":
First, check if the input source is powered on, and ensure that you have switched to the corresponding channel where the input source is connected. If this is done right and the problem still persists, try connecting the host and monitor directly to see if the cable you are using is functioning properly. If there is still no display, it might be a cable issue. Try it with a high-quality cable.

If the connection works, the cables and devices are all good. You shall try setting a lower resolution output (such as 720p or 1080p) and then reconnecting to the KVM switch to test if the monitor displays an image. If it works with the adjusted resolution, it might be an issue with resolution compatibility. Check the KVM switch's specifications and adjust your resolution output. If the direct connection works but there’s still no image when connected to the KVM switch, it may be a compatibility issue. Try using different input sources and display devices for testing.

The Output Resolution is Incorrect
This may be because of a mismatch in EDID between the input device and the display device. To resolve this problem, try powering off and then restarting the KVM switch when everything is connected in the setup. If rebooting the devices doesn't help, please double-check the TV/Monitor's specifications and make sure it's compatible with the input source resolution and the resolutions supported by the output display.

The Screen Flickers with the KVM Switch
This issue may be because of the unstable connection between the KVM switch and the monitor. Check your cables to see if there is any faulty one, and make sure they are not loose and are all well plugged into the port. If you’re using any adapters, converter cables, or docking stations in the setup, it’s possible that some are incompatible with the KVM switch. You may try replacing the adapter, converter, or docking station with a reputable brand to see if the flickering issue is resolved.

USB Peripherals Aren't Functioning
First, check whether the KVM switch and the host device are properly connected via the USB cables provided by the manufacturer. Basically, a KVM switch groups connecting ports by hosts. Don’t mess up the connection between different host machines. If the USB host cables are well connected and the problem still persists, try switching to a new USB port on your PC/laptop, or try using new USB devices to see if it’s a USB device compatibility issue.

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