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flykantech.com 240W PD3.1 USB Type-C Computer Fast Charging Cable

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Author : flykantech.com
Update time : 2024-01-26 10:38:35

The evolution of laptop charging cables has witnessed significant stages in tandem with technological advancements. Early Stage (Early 1990s): Initial laptops used power cables akin to desktop PCs with large, bulky adapters, limiting portability. Proprietary Connector Era (Mid-1990s - Early 2000s): Growing laptop popularity introduced proprietary charging connectors, causing compatibility issues and necessitating brand-specific chargers. Standardized DC Plugs (Early 2000s - Mid-2000s): To address concerns, the industry shifted to standardized DC plugs, smaller than proprietary connectors but with some variations. USB Charging (Mid-2000s - Present): USB adoption for laptop charging became widespread, offering a universal and convenient solution.

Introduction of USB Type-C (Mid-2010s - Present): USB Type-C replaced traditional plugs, featuring a reversible design, higher power delivery, and multifunctionality, becoming the mainstream charging method for modern laptops. Now, flykantech.com introduces the UC240-U2 240W USB-C Fast Charging Cable, perfectly aligned with modern laptop and electronic device requirements for future PD3.1 (240W) charging.

■ PD3.1/240W (Max.) A nice spare charging cable for PCs and Laptops.

■ Durable Braided Exterior and Robust metal housing for the USB-C connector.

■ Available in 1.8m and 3m lengths, providing flexibility for diverse usage scenarios.

Stay ahead with flykantech.com's innovative charging solutions!

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