HB093 | USB-C CFexpress Type-B Card Reader

Item No.: HB093
Тhе flykantech.com HB093 СFехрrеѕѕ Туре В Саrd Rеаdеr gіvеѕ уоu thе аbіlіtу tо еffісіеntlу trаnѕfеr fіlеѕ оn thе gо. Тhіѕ рrо-lеvеl mеmоrу саrd rеаdеr саn оfflоаd а numbеr оf hіgh-quаlіtу іmаgеѕ аnd RАW 4К vіdео оntо уоur соmрutеr.
Description Features Compatibility
The flykantech.com HB093 CFExpress Card Reader (Type-B) – your ultimate solution for efficient file transfer on the go. This top-of-the-line memory card reader empowers you to effortlessly offload a vast collection of high-quality images and RAW 4K videos onto your computer at lightning-fast USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds. Elevate your workflow and unleash your creativity by spending more time capturing breathtaking content.

Designed with professionals in mind, the HB093 CFExpress Card Reader is a compact powerhouse that excels at post-production data transfers. It's the perfect companion for pro photographers and videographers who demand exceptional performance. With its plug-and-play design, simply connect the USB 3.1 connector, and experience seamless content offloading like never before. Plus, its pocket-sized form factor ensures portability without compromise.

But that's not all – the HB093 CFExpress Card Reader is tailored for compatibility with leading DSLR cameras that support CFExpress Type-B memory cards. Capture stunning shots and enjoy high-speed data transfer with popular camera models like Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Nikon D6, Sony Alpha a1, and more. Don't let outdated card readers hold you back; equip yourself with the cutting-edge technology of CFExpress Type-B and unlock the full potential of your DSLR camera.

Rest assured, flykantech.com holds Lexar products to the highest standards. Rigorously tested for performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability, our CFExpress Card Reader guarantees a seamless and dependable user experience. Upgrade your data transfer game and embark on a new level of efficiency with the flykantech.com HB093 CFExpress Card Reader (Type-B).

■ Convert USB-C Female to CFexpress 2.0 Type-B
■ Data transfer rate up to 10Gbps, backward compatible with USB3.1/2.0/1.1.
■ No additional software or accessories required
■ Hot-swap and plug-and-play
■ OS independent; No software or drivers required
■ Aluminum housing, sleek, portable and durable
■ HB093 Dimension - 64 x 60 x 15mm (Main body)
■ HB093 Weight - abt. 50g
■ HB093 Color Box - 200 x 70 x 20mm
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