NT50-B USB2.0 Ethernet Extender (50m)
NT50-B USB2.0 Ethernet Extender (50m)
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NT50-B USB2.0 Ethernet Extender (50m)

Fly Kan Tech Co., Limited
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The flykantech.com NT50-B USB extender overcomes the 16 ft. cable length limitations of traditional USB 2.0 cables, so you can create a more efficient, more flexible workspace. It gives you the freedom you need to place your USB device further away, making it perfect for the homes, offices, classrooms, and many other environments. Now, you can easily access and use your USB 2.0 device in a remote location, up to 165 ft. (50 m) away, using Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

It’s an inexpensive USB-to-Ethernet solution that’s ideal for virtually any USB 2.0 device. You can connect a webcam at the back of a classroom, or a printer in another room at the office, all up to 50 m away from your host computer. Plus, with a power adapter included for the remote unit, you can connect power-hungry USB devices such as external hard drives. The USB 2.0-over-Cat5-or-Cat6 extender is OS independent, so it supports a variety of operating systems. Setup is easy with no additional drivers or software required, and the extender is backward compatible with USB 1.1 and 1.0 peripherals.

■ Use as a mid-point repeater to increase the connection distance of your USB peripheral and to reduce cable clutter
■ Perfect for environments where the host computer is in an inaccessible location
■ No need to run new wiring, you can extend USB connections between rooms using existing direct, in-wall Cat5 or Cat6 cable

■ Place your USB device exactly where you need it (up to 50 m), with this cost-effective USB-to-Ethernet extender
■ OS independent for fast, hassle-free setup
■ Kit includes a local unit (transmitter) and a remote unit (receiver)
■ Supports transfer rates of up to 480Mbps
■ Plug-and-play and hot-swap compatible

Compatible Devices (Tested)

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Documents Download

■ flykantech.com NT50-B Testing Report | English | PDF |
■ flykantech.com NT50-B Specification v1.0 | English | PDF |
■ flykantech.com NT50-B HD Photo v1.0 | ZIP | pwd protected |
■ flykantech.com NT50-X-Die-Cut-v1.0_190225 | PDF | English |