VDC2021 S-Video/Composite to USB 2.0 SD Video Capture Device Cable

VDC2021 S-Video/Composite to USB 2.0 SD Video Capture Device Cable

Fly Kan Tech Co., Limited
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The flykantech.com VDC2021 USB video capture adapter offers an easy to use analog video capture solution, enabling you to convert video (and accompanying audio) from a composite or S Video source to your PC or Mac-based computer. VDC2021 is an easy-to-use device for recording analog video to computer from external sources, such as a VCR or camcorder, the S-Video and composite to USB converter offers the perfect solution for Betamax or VHS video capture, with real-time MPEG-1, MPEG-2 encoding.

This analog to digital video adapter is ideal for converting VHS or home movies to digital format, as well as importing videos onto your Windows computer for editing. It also features a snapshot function that enables users to capture still images from their analog video.

This analog to digital converter cable connects to your PC through USB 2.0 and is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, providing a conveniently portable video capture solution that's more than suitable for use with laptops and desktop computers alike.


■ Converts Composite/S-Video & RCA 2ch audio into digital media
■ Supports 30fps @720x480i (NTSC)/25fps @720x576 (PAL) & MPEG-1/MPEG-2
■ Using third-party software (OBS, etc.) you can capture standard def 480i video and stream on services or in training & resource centers
■ USB bus-powered USB video capture device is compact & lightweight
■ Requires no specific driver installation
■ Compatible with Windows 11, macOS 12.x

Documents Download

■ VDC2021 Datasheet | 1.0_210906 | PDF |